The team has two pools of knkowledge: Industry and Historical interest and knowledge.

Paul Antle, Chairman
Gerald Anderson
Glenn Blackwood
Russ Carrigan
Chris Collingwood
Larry Dohey
Cathy Hogan
Captain Sid Hynes
Judge Jim Igloliorte
Leo Power
Robin Quinlan
Paul Snow
Industry Leadership and Excellence Award

Our marine industry is united by common challenges to future growth and success. These challenges are not necessarily unique to the marine industry but their impacts and the solutions found often are. Industry leaders challenge accepted norms and tackle head-on those obstacles to future growth and success. Their work results in breakthroughs that can be as tangible as a technological innovation or as intangible as the new thinking that triggers a paradigm-shift in relationships within the industry. Leaders set new standards of excellence which remind us all that making the effort to do a lot of things exceptionally well is indeed rewarding.

The nature of a dynamic marine industry is such that the challenges shift with the sands of time. Major challenges before our industry today include:

  • environmental stewardship, sustainability, and conservation;
  • technological innovation;
  • marine safety and security;
  • market development; training, human resource development and succession planning

This award recognizes leadership, accomplishment, and excellence in one or more of these areas to the benefit of our entire industry. Firms whose consistency and demonstrated commitment to operational excellence sets new standards and challenges us all to do better are also considered.

Industry Leadership and Excellence Award
Industry Lifetime Achievement Award

This individual stands out among many for consistent leadership and outstanding contributions. These contributions have been within operations in his or her direct charge, within the industry as a whole and/or within the communities in which he or she has lived and operated. This person is a change-agent who has demonstrated throughout his or her lifetime the passion to challenge the status quo to the benefit of many. He or she may or may not be a big personality; what is certain is that he or she is a proven big thinker with a big heart.

Industry Lifetime Achievement Award
Award of Historical Marine Significance

This award is given to acknowledge and celebrate our rich marine history. The recipient may be an individual, organization or community. Honorees may be recognized for a singular accomplishment that can now be seen as having turned the tides of our history or for long-term dedication to positive change. Representing the strengths upon which our unique culture and sense of place are built, their stories are a part of our lesser known history and deserve wider recognition and a place in the public consciousness.

Award of Historical Marine Significance


Our marine industry is broadly considered to include these overlapping sectors: Shipping and Ferry Transportation, Maritime Logistics, Commercial Services, Science and Technology, Marine Safety and Security, Naval and Defense, Offshore Industries, Ports and Terminals; Fishing and Fish Processing and Marine Education and Training.